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Serenity Village Life is a subsidiary of Serenity Village Developments, a 501 (c)(3) organization. 


Our Mission: To provide healing through holistic health services to individuals and families through-out the inner city and rural areas. 

Our Vision: To support individuals with mental, physical, and social health issues gain applicable wellness education for self directed healing. 


One thought on “About Us Blog

  1. I have been apart of the Village for over 5 years. Serenity Village has impacted my life since the first time I’ve ever heard of Serenity Village. The people connected to the village are extremely passionate, caring, motivating, and even supportive in the most unique ways. There words and actions have been a light on my path of darkness and an even brighter light on my path of joy and love. I do not know what I would do without the Village. *pause* heartwarming moment, sigh… I love the Serenity Village and all the people apart of the Village. If I have not said it enough, Thank you all for everything you do and say. Thank you for helping me get through, believing in me, supporting me, providing for me and most importantly protecting me. Thank you!

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