Ashes to Ashes: Memorial Services during the Corona Pandemic

Memorializing a loved one is one of the most honorable final duties you can have as a family member. Unfortunately, in 2020 it is also extremely challenging. Keeping up with family traditions, ensuring final wishes are kept, and coordinating funeral services are among the most emotional and stressful tasks. Our family opted for cremation and to post pone services until a later date. My father’s remains sit on an ancestral altar in our living room.

Making final arrangements during the Covid-19 pandemic also takes support and the strain on post life care providers has been devastating. Mortuaries across the country struggle to keep up with the demand and providing the level of compassionate service that we all have come to know and depend on. I want to personally salute So. Cal Cremations and Vistas Healthcare for making a difficult time easier for me and my family.

Earlier this month I wrote to the New York Times to share our family’s story. I received a message thanking me for providing insight for the following article:

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